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Bloomélya's story

Bloomélya was created in 2019 so as to make a name and develop some of the most valuable
French expertise, in respecting both the environment and the Humans. Bloomélya items are
unique costume jewelleries and semi-precious jewels. Bloomélya prioritizes a local growth.

In which materials Bloomélya’s jewels are made of?

They are made of natural, recycled and responsible materials.

How to wear my Bloomélya’s jewels?

As I like it! A long necklace worn on a dress to go out, or with jeans and a jumper… Earings
to accompany a bustier, a bracelet to sublimate an evening gown…Many rings or just one
depending on the inspiration! A formal event or a more casual one, well-dressed or not, I will
make a sensation with my Bloomélya’s piece of jewellery!

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Créabobiti's story

Créabobiti was created in 2020 to give a second chance to great materials and therefore prevents
wastes. The designs are unique. “We have only one Planet Earth, do not waste our resources” may
be the motto of this ethical and responsible brand.

Créabobiti dresses everyone. The clothes adapt to the person wearing them and not the other way

Créabobiti is proud of its collections, and particularly of the Metamorphosis line, from which the
items can transform into tops, dresses or skirts depending on your wishes and your creativity!

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We are happy to present you Sarah Bannouri, a writer at home in our website.
Make yourself comfortable, take a deep breathe and let you be carried away in an enchanted
parenthesis while reading one of her lovely books.

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« Le monde de la réalité a ses limites ; le monde de l'imagination est sans frontières. » Jean-Jacques Rousseau


I always find good ideas. Thanks Bloomélya !


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I love the YouTube channel, I can't wait to see new videos.

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